Safe Dig Month 2020

April is National Safe Digging Month! We know that this year will be different for many of us in how we celebrate and promote this public safety message. On this page you will find various resources, such as a press release, social media messages, and graphics for National Safe Digging Month.

Help us keep Coloradans safe by spreading the National Safe Digging Month message in your community!

Safe Dig Month Press Release (click here for PDF version):


It’s More Important Than Ever to Contact 811 Before Digging to Prevent Damages to Colorado’s Vital Underground Infrastructure

DENVER — Nearly all Coloradoan’s lives have drastically changed with the COVID-19 stay-at-home order issued by Gov. Jared Polis; Colorado 811 wants to remind the public that now more than ever protecting our underground infrastructure is vital to maintaining essential business operations and a sense of normalcy. Most emergency services are wholly dependent upon underground utility lines.

Under the Governor’s order, essential businesses include critical infrastructure and construction. This means excavation in the state will continue and the potential for damages to underground utilities is still significant. While field work continues, many individuals are working from home and relying heavily upon services such as internet and phone to continue day-to-day work operations.

“April is National Safe Digging Month, and contacting 811 before digging and getting a locate is extremely important now more than ever before. Excavators should decide whether projects are deemed essential and then proceed with caution during these unprecedented times. Communication is critical and you should communicate with the people involved in your project if you have any questions or issues about the safety of your dig,” said J.D. Maniscalco, Colorado 811 CEO. “Of course, we want you to observe the rules that keep you and your families and neighbors safe as you go about your work. 811 is about safety for the people and the protection of our infrastructure. We are encouraging you to follow excavating best practices and be extra careful out there as we continue to work together to keep each other safe.”

To reduce outages that could impact communities across the state, Colorado 811 is urging professional excavators, landscapers, and DIYers to utilize 811 before digging. The 811 service is free and required by law to use before any digging activity can begin. If there is any question about whether you should contact Colorado 811 please do so. To quickly submit a request to dig visit and click submit a locate or you can call 811.

As a reminder if you will be digging, make sure to contact 811 at least three days before you plan to dig. After a locate request is submitted to Colorado 811, they will notify the utilities on your property of your plans to dig. The utility companies will send locators to your property to mark the underground lines with paint and flags.

Colorado 811 is the communication link between people digging and the utility companies, they do not perform the actual locates. Learn more at


Dig Safely Month ProclamationDownload PDF here

Safe Dig Month Proclamation – Colorado Springs