Report on the conversion of Tier-Two members to Tier-One membership and operational efficiencies implemented in 2019

Click here to read the Report on the conversion of Tier-Two members to Tier-One membership and operational efficiencies implemented in 2019 for the Colorado Notification Association. 

Title 9 Article 1.5 of the Colorado Revised Statutes (commonly referred to as the One Call Law) requires all persons, before conducting an excavation (with minor exceptions), to contact Colorado 811 to request the location of all underground facilities in the excavation project area. The owners and operators of facility in the project area are then notified by Colorado 811 and must accurately locate and mark the location of their facilities within three days. Violations of the law are enforced through civil actions initiated by damaged parties to collect specified civil penalties and damages, or by referring potential violations to the Colorado Underground Damage Prevention Safety Commission (UDPSC). 

Utility Notification Center of Colorado provides this report to comply with the mandate in the 2018 Law Update to submit a written report to the Senate Transportation Committee and the House of Representatives Transportation and Energy Committee. Before 2018, Colorado 811 had two tiers of membership. The 2018 amendments to the One Call Law require all underground facility owners/operators to transition to Tier-One membership. This report includes a discussion and cost analysis of the efforts made to prepare and convert Tier-Two members of the notification association transitioning to Tier-One membership. The report also includes discussions of improvements implemented to ensure efficiencies in notification procedures and contact center operations, along with information regarding any new technological advances adopted to improve efficiencies. In preparing the report, the notification association was directed to solicit input from its membership and did so through two internet surveys. 

The services of the notification association are vital to the safety of the public, contribute to the economic viability for the owners/operators of underground facility and provide a critical benefit for excavators working in Colorado. Colorado 811 has undergone many changes and advancements since its creation in 1987. By using innovative technology, the notification association has established itself as a leader in the industry and its services contribute to the vibrancy of our state. 

The changes required in the 2018 Law Update and the improvements Colorado 811 has made to accommodate these changes have already enhanced the One Call process in Colorado. I thank the staff for their understanding of the importance of our mission and for their hard work necessary to implement many of the far-reaching changes. I also wish to thank the Colorado 811 members and Board of Directors who have assisted in this multi-year process and who continue to provide the financial support, feedback and guidance in the invaluable work of Colorado 811. Finally, I wish to thank the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, the Colorado Public Utilities Commission, and the Colorado State Senate and House of Representatives for their continued support. Together, we have made significant improvements for the safety of the citizens and for the protection of critical infrastructure in Colorado. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

JD Maniscalco, C.E.O. 

Colorado 811 

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