Preparing Your Colorado Lawn for Fall

In Colorado, preparing your lawn for fall begins with fertilization. Why now? Because the use of fertilizers will ease your future work, strengthen the roots of the lawn, providing a solid foundation for it to thrive in the next spring.

fall is the best time

While the upper part of the grass slows down or stops growing in cool autumn temperatures, the roots will continue to grow.

Two fertilizer applications are enough to prepare the lawn for the winter. Early in September, the lawn usually recovers after the hot and often dry summer, so you should use a dose of fertilizer now, to speed up leaf growth. Always respect the manufacturer’s recommendations, when it comes to fertilizing products. Some people may want to deal with insect and weed problems in the same time, but if there is no history or concrete sign of such problems, just stick on fertilization.

Choosing the fertilizer

Granular fertilizer is available with various release times that will allow more control over lawn nourishment. Organic fertilizers are the natural choice to help develop the lawn.  They can be purchased from specialized shops or made at home (mulch, compost or dung). During the process of decomposition, the nutrients are released into the soil. You can also use granular organic fertilizer composed of grains and other ground materials.

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