PHMSA 811 Video Contest

This is an exciting contest that provides teaching and learning opportunities for students on the critical topic of safety awareness. Students who understand the importance of being safe near underground pipelines and where energy sources are present are better prepared to make critical decisions that will ensure a safe environment.

It is designed to combine a student’s originality and artistic talent with the ability to share the important message of Know What’s Below, Call 811 Before You Dig. Grade levels for entries are 9-12. The teacher’s role is to direct and motivate students to submit video entries.

The student’s role is to work individually or as a team of two to produce an original video (2 minutes or less) and write an explanation of his/her understanding of the Call 811 theme. The contest packet includes a brochure, flier, entry forms and NEF’s Natural Gas Safety Poster.  Notification of awards will occur by May 24, 2018.  Contest entry deadline is April 27, 2018.

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  • One grand prize individual or individuals in a team of two will (each) receive a laptop computer (valued up to $1500)Call 811 T-shirts will also be provided to the student(s) and their teacher.
  • The teacher of the grand prize winner or team will be awarded an $811 classroom education mini-grant.
  • Two honorable mention winners or teams (of two students) and their teachers will receive a 32GB WiFi enabled iPad. All honorable mention students and teachers will receive Call 811 T-shirts.