Some New Trends In Landscaping

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As a trend this year, we are experiencing an expansion of the creative area and more attention to the context in which various landscape interventions are made. It is a big step forward, because gardens now seem to take into account rules of composition, aesthetic principles and elementary principles of functional organization of the space.

In addition to this, perhaps less evident, we notice an increasing interest in exotic elements, borrowed from Asian or Mediterranean gardens. However, they present the risk of becoming obsolete, as the rustic style. Japanese gates, garden stone lamps, mini-ponds with Asian wood floorboards and fountains, Mediterranean amphorae and mosaics are all much appreciated these days. But without being placed and valued properly, they will look like forced insertions, being associated with poor taste and kitsch.

Another noticeable tendency is the courage to approach modern, minimalist interventions. Minimalist style is often viewed with skepticism, but it becomes increasingly popular due to its elegance and simplicity. It is based on robust plants, with silhouettes and / or decorative foliage, geometric volumetry and monochrome finishes, or at most bi-chrome, without drawings or arabesques.

Finally, another trend that more and more people talk about consists in roof gardens, and we will surely speak more about it in the future.

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