Maintaining Accurate Tickets During Staffing Shortage

Our contact center team is faced with many challenges due to staffing shortages coinciding with Dig Season. Despite these challenges, we are committed to meeting customer service and notification delivery expectations.

To meet high incoming call and online notification requests, all contact center personnel resources have been re-assigned to customer support roles. This means that we are unable to effectively perform the same quantity of Quality Assurance reviews of our released notifications. While we are confident in our team’s ability to continue to process accurate and quality notifications, we understand that human errors may occur. We encourage all members and contract locating service organizations to continue to carefully review all transmitted notifications and report errors to us for correction. To help with this process, we’re providing the following URL (click on button below) to report errors to our contact center leadership team vs email or direct phone calls, as they are also providing customer service support throughout the day. Using this URL will help us continue to provide efficient and timely service to all customers.

Thank you for your continued support as we improve our recruiting efforts as we join many other employers working through an unprecedented workforce shortage.

Please use the button below to report any notification errors to Colorado 811.