Low-Water Plants For Landscaping

All plants need water to survive, it is just that some of them are able to resist longer without water.


The Agave plant stores the water in its thick leaves and develops very deep roots that collect the necessary water. Landscape planners often use the agave plant because of its interesting foliage and also because it does not require special maintenance.

Bougainvillea spectabilis

Bougainvillea spectabilis is a champion among low-water plants, being able to resist in extreme conditions. This colorful flower plant is very easy to grow and maintain.

Lantana or chameleon plant

Lantana or chameleon plant is a perennial plant with parti-colored green-yellow leaves and a reddish stripe at the edges. It loves warmth and dryness and can grow in any kind of soil. Its flowers attract butterflies, bees and birds.


Leander is a tropical plant. It produces flowers of different colors – yellow, pink, white and purple. It is known as a plant that adapts easily to drought and grows well in seaside areas, preferring sunny places.


Lavender is a light perennial plant that grows easily and is tolerant to heat. You can plant it either directly in the earth or in decorative containers, but make sure that the pot is well drained because this plant does not bear excess water.

Cactus and succulent plants

Besides the reduced need for water, cacti do not require any special care. Many varieties can be easily grown in the garden.

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