Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

If you are tired of struggling to make your lawn stay lush and green or if your garden looks barren, here are a few low-maintenance landscaping ideas that will give you the attractive garden that you want:

  • Use stone to create a dramatic appearance – pick a few rocks and stones whenever you go hiking or buy some attractive or oddly shaped pieces from the nearby gardening store and group them in a corner of the garden to create a decorative stone garden or a pond.
  • Plant decorative grass – there are lots of attractive and hardy varieties to choose from and they have one great quality to convince you: they don’t need any mowing at all.
  • Choose plants that are attractive, but require little maintenance – most perennials, succulents and evergreens thrive very well even in periods of drought and they can survive forgetful gardeners as well.
  • Create a rustic design – little, randomly placed beds of flowering or non-flowering alongside narrow pathways made from natural stone look spectacular.

landscape architect design

  • Get an underground sprinkler system – it requires a modest investment to buy the pipes and the sprinkler heads, but once installed, the underground irrigation system will make sure your low-maintenance garden stays low-maintenance as long as you want it to be that way. Ensure that Colorado 811 is called and scheduled before you do any digging. This will prevent any digging from breaking buried electrical or plumbing cables.