Legislative Software Enhancements – For Colorado 811 Members

The Colorado Legislature passed new legislation which affects our industries in many ways. The Legislature wants to improve excavation safety to protect critical utility assets and save lives.

The 2018 changes in the law will now require all of us to do business differently; excavators, facility owners, locate services and your utility notification center Colorado 811. Colorado 811 is working extremely hard to implement the changes in the law that directly affect Colorado 811 and the changes rely in part on new software.

In 2018, Colorado 811 communicated to the membership some upcoming software changes driven by the new law. We are diligently working to complete the development and testing of software enhancements that will allow us to process new ticket types and provide our stakeholders a higher level of service and meet legislated mandates. Development also continues for delivery of notifications to our Tier Two Members as required by the new legislation. We understand the urgency to complete these mandates while ensuring accurate and timely notifications to all our members.

As we deliver the software enhancements we want to assure our members that we intend to ‘get it right the first time’. We understand our members’ expectations to develop, test and deploy software enhancements timely and in a way that will not adversely affect their ability to serve the excavating community.

Our first new software deployment will begin on January 28, 2019, and will include the following: new ticket delivery format, Tier Two ticket deliveries and new positive response codes.

Colorado 811 has been working bi-weekly with the State of Colorado Division of Oil & Public Safety (OPS) throughout the transition period with both entities sharing progress updates. The new Safety Commission has been established and the Safety Commission and CO811 will be communicating with stakeholders in unison. We are providing numerous educational opportunities including seminars, website postings and media interviews. We have received positive feedback on our efforts as we continue with our deployment of new services and a joint public awareness campaign.

Member Delivery:
01/28/2019: Ticket Delivery to Tier Two Members
01/28/2019: New Delivery Format for tickets

WebTMS Software Enhancements: 
TBD: Update to current software, which will align with legislative changes

Positive Response: 
01/28/2019New Positive Response Codes
TBDNew Positive Response website (allowing attachments such as sketches)
TBDPositive Response Re-Notification – when no response is received by Colorado 811, members will be re-notified

Ticket Entry Software Enhancements:
Week of 01/28/2019Road Grading (county agencies only)
Week of 01/28/2019Subsurface Utility Engineering – software to implement new requirements related to utility design work
Week of 01/28/2019Secondary Excavators can be added to tickets (for potholing purposes)
Week of 01/28/2019Excavator Re-Notification (replacing Second Notice Request)
Week of 01/28/2019: Dig site buffer change to minimum of 150ft (currently 250ft)
TBD: Excavator Ticket Attachment

Web Ticket Entry Software Enhancements: 

  • Secondary Excavators can be added to tickets (for potholing purposes)
  • Excavator Re-Notification (Replacing Second Notice Request – when locates are not timely)
  • Dig site buffer change to minimum of 150ft (currently 250ft)
  • Excavator Ticket Attachments allowing notes and sketches to be attached

*Currently testing the above enhancements, more information to come.*


  • Underground utility location requests (or tickets) sent to Tier Two members as required by law now are for informational purposes only and should NOT be used to locate facilities
  • Tier Two members are required to accept locate information directly from excavators

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For software questions, please contact:

Systems Administrator – Tariq Abdul-Ghafur
o. 303.205.6303 | c.  303.810.5113

IT Support Engineer – Scott May
p. 303.205.6327 | c. 303.570.3715

Director of Information Technology – Juan Ruiz
c.  720.254.3760