Lawn and Garden Maintenance Projects for Fall

Fall lawn and garden maintenanceThe hottest period of the year has passed, so it’s time for some lawn and garden maintenance, essential for better resistance against frost, but also for the next spring growth.

  1. Aerate and scarify

After a season with multiple watering and tapping, aeration is a blessing for the roots of your lawn and for the soil in your garden. Aeration (systematic drilling of soil) helps the roots and new seeds to grow stronger, water and fertilizers to penetrate the soil, preparing it for winter.

Scarification (a kind of more vigorous raking) helps to remove dead grass, moss and any debris below the level of lawn mowing. After these two operations, only vigorous grass blades remain on the lawn. Although they are now quite rare, they will multiply eventually and have much stronger roots.

  1. Irrigate

Don’t stop irrigating, even if it’s autumn. The lawn and the garden still need water, even though the period with the strongest growth is gone now, until next year. Now, as growth has slowed down, the soil needs to recover from the stress it has been subject during the summer and gain power to survive the cold winter.

  1. Fertilize

With autumn irrigation, it is time to help the soil with fertilizers. Autumn is the best season for this operation, because the timing is perfect with the development stages of the plant: while the aerial part of the grass has stopped growing, the roots continue to grow, preparing the plants for winter.

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