How Do I Know if It Is Safe to Dig in My Yard?

There are millions of miles of unused utility pipes buried underneath the surface – some of them are marked and recorded on maps, but others are hiding deep in the ground without any marking. While unknown utilities might not cause any problems to you if you dig in your yard or in your garden to plant some flowers, the pipes may cause serious issues if you need to excavate deeper for a construction or for planting larger trees and you also need to be very careful with the utilities that are in use around the house.

underground pipes

To find out whether it is safe to dig deep in your yard or in your garden or not, you first of all need to find out whether there are any unpleasant surprises buried in your yard and you also need to know the exact location of telecommunication cables and the pipes that supply your home with energy and water. The easiest way to assess your land is to turn to a Colorado utility locate compliance company – these companies use high-tech locator devices that identify utility pipes of all types and they will also provide you guidance on how you can avoid the utilities during the excavation process.