Is Your Soil Good for Growing?

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The quality of the soil in your front yard or in your garden is among the most important factors that will determine the types of plants that you can grow there. Whatever the results of the quality analysis that you perform, whether your soil is sandy, it contains clay or not, it is rich or poor in nutrients, there are many different ways to make your soil more fertile and a more welcoming environment for your plants:
– Clay soils are usually high in nutrients, but watering tends to make it too dense, which prevents plants from extracting the nutrients they need. To make your clay soil more fertile, add some gypsum – it prevents water-clogging and makes nutrients easier to get to. Clay soils also tend to get compacted easily, so they need to be aerated regularly;
– Sandy soils drain well, but are not very rich in nutrients, so what you need to make it more fertile is to add organic matter to it regularly.
Whatever type of soil you have, make sure you add manure and compost to it regularly and try to alternate the plants in your flower beds in annual rotation to make sure your soil can replenish its deposits of a specific type of nutrient.

Whether you are digging to enhance your soil or planting trees or shrubs, using a underground cable locator prior to digging will ensure the safety of buried pipes and cables.