Important Tips for Mapping Out a Location for Your New Pool

You might think that mapping out a location for a new pool will be an easy task. After all, you have that large open area in your back yard, so why not just put it right in the middle? While we all might want this to be the case, it usually isn’t. Mapping out the right location has a lot more to do with practical choices than preference, especially since there are building codes and call before you dig Denver utility requirements that simply cannot be ignored.

call before you dig a pool

Even though the property you bought belongs to you, digging in your yard is an action that can influence others as well as the environment. As a result, there are regulations in place that have to be followed.

First, you need to call in tree experts to make sure your digging efforts will not harm the large, branching roots of nearby trees. Secondly, you have to call 811 before such a large digging project (or any digging project, for that matter), to make sure you don’t accidentally hit a utility line such as a power line or an internet cord that might be present in that location underground.

Once you’re free of these requirements, it’s time to map out the size, shape and location of your pool. For that purpose, consider asking for help from local contractors who know all about installing various types of pools.

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