Important Aspects of Underground Utility Safety

Underground utility strikes (the accidental digging into hidden, unmarked utility pipes and cables) are grave issues that are costly to remedy and can create dangerous, often life-threatening situations. Modern technology has come up with the right solution to all these problems, through call before you dig Denver underground utility location services. The process uses available drawing and blueprints of the construction site as well as advanced equipment, including radars, hydrovac and other, imaging and revealing technologies aimed at ensuring that there are no hidden, deeply buried or otherwise concealed utilities that can pose hazards for construction.

call before you dig DenverThe process of ensuring underground utility safety starts with disconnecting all known utilities on the construction site, followed by the scanning of the land with the special equipment. All utilities, the ones known from the documentation as well as the ones identified during the in-depth scanning process, are marked, then the decisions about the future of the old utilities are made. In some cases, the old utilities are removed following safe procedures, in other cases, they are verified and disconnected, but left in the ground. Any excavation work starts only after all the utility lines, cables and pipes are identified, marked and after the ones that need removal have been safely and correctly removed by specialists.

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