iDig811 Coming Soon

Colorado 811 is launching a new single address locate request application called iDig811. iDig811 will replace Ticket Express for single address locate requests only. You will see the software replacement in the near future and we urge all Ticket Express users to prepare for this change by reading more about iDig811 below.

iDig811 is a user-friendly program that allows professional excavators and homeowners to quickly process locate requests online.

New iDig811 features include:

  • Address verification
  • Map of the dig site location to verify the exact area of excavation
  • Polygon around the single address
  • Guided questions to simplify the locate request process
  • No user name and password needed

iDig811 is only available for single address locate requests. Ticket Express will still be available for online locate requests that include point to point descriptions, intersections and any other requests normally processed using the former Ticket Express program. However, to continue to use Ticket Express, please bookmark the URL as it will no longer be available via our website or mobile app.