Identifying and Dealing with the Most Common Weeds Found in Colorado Lawns

The negative effect of weeds on a clean, healthy lawn can scarcely be overestimated. Many people notice that certain weeds can starve the grass by consuming all of its most essential nutrients and water, while in other cases, it can also lead to the spreading of various diseases and parasites.

To be able to fight against these culprits, it’s important to first know who they are:

  • One of the most common weeds known to Colorado gardeners is stinkgrass. This troublesome weed has a foul odor and reproduces by seed each and every year.
  • Green foxtail is also quite common in Colorado. It has a curious, “fuzzy” green appearance, and its yellow bristles are among its most prominent features.
  • Docks are larger weeds with imposing lanceolate leaves and winged archines. Most importantly, they are noxious weeds.
  • Finally, you’ll want to look out for the Russian thistle, a weed that can grow to a large size and develop rugged branches almost like a small tree. The weed has sharp bracts that can end up injuring children and pets who play with them.

Whether you hire a special weed removal service, or you eliminate the weeds yourself, it’s important to use techniques that will not only eliminate mature weeds, but also the seeds that might lead to a renewed infestation. Please remember that if you plan on  doing any significant digging, you call knowledgeable underground wire location services to inspect the underground area for cables and wires.

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