Home Exterior Upgrades That Will Require You to Call 811 Before You Dig

A great way to organize a renovation that won’t cost too much but that will make your home look great, either for yourself or for potential buyers, is to plan a few simple exterior upgrades. While some upgrades, like switching to a better type of paint or repairing your roof, will not require any special tasks, any upgrades that would require you to dig in your yard will warrant the presence of underground cable locator specialists.

before landscaping projects that require digging, call underground cable locator specialistsSo, make sure you always call 811 prior to organizing any of the following exterior upgrades:

  • Changing your landscaping or adding new walkways or driveways;
  • Adding new sheds or garages, as well as other structures that might require you to dig and/or add a foundation;
  • Removing trees and tree stumps from the premises;
  • Adding a pool or a fountain;
  • Adding a new fence that would require being firmly fastened into the ground.

All these upgrades or projects will require careful planning and consideration, as well as requiring you to call your local utility specialists before you begin digging. They will help discover and mark any underground utility lines or pipes that might cost a lot of money to replace, should you damage them during the digging process.

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