Home ‘Excavation Safety Day’ combines area emergency personnel

Similar to Colorado utility locate services, this demonstration showed off why it is so important to always call 811. 

First responders and utility, oil and gas and Kerr County personnel joined together June 15 for the “Hill Country Excavation Day” and took part in dynamic hands-on scenario safety training. A key point throughout the training was use of the State of Texas’ nonprofit service to “call 811 before you dig to get underground utilities located for free.”

This event was open to the public, and some participating adults brought their children to see the events.

A demonstration was provided by Kerrville Public Utility Board personnel in a highly visible “arc and spark” event, to highlight the dangers of working around live electricity, downed power lines and other dangerous situations.

The KPUB presentation included information that crew members are supposed to wear a hardhat, a high-visibility vest, safety glasses, steel-toed or sturdy workboots, earplugs and gloves. Flame-resistant long-sleeved shirts also were stressed; and combining all that means it’s always hot work. Professionals aren’t allowed to dress for the hot weather and work in sleeveless t-shirts and no protection anymore.

The KPUB demonstration included hitting a series of objects with live electricity to show how easily almost anything will conduct electricity.

They started with a live wire, and progressed to a section of cyclone fence, an aluminum ladder, a hot dog to mimic the water content of a human body, a piece of cotton t-shirt and part of a tree limb. All allowed arcs of electricity to flash between the source and through the common objects.

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