Fall 2018 – Vol.4 Issue 4

Legislation Highlights – Things to Know 

The new one call legislation will enhance various aspects of the one call process. To stay informed on these changes, we ask that you visit our legislative information page here

Over the next few months we will communicate how these changes could impact the damage prevention industry. These impacts include:

  • Mandatory Positive Response 
    • All Positive Responses must be posted to Colorado 811 starting January 1, 2019.
    • If Positive Response is not provided by the owners/operator by the locate by date, Colorado 811 will send an additional re-notification to that owner/operator. Colorado 811 will continue to send out re-notifications daily until Colorado 811 receives Positive Response. These notifications will be charged to the member at the standard ticket transmission fee.
  • New member delivery ticket format – see new ticket format here
  • Relabeling 2nd Notice Ticket to Excavator Re-Notification
    • Excavator requesting some or all facility owners to be re-notified due to not receiving locates, facility not found in locate area, incomplete locate, incorrect area located, facility owner no show or facility owner no show at meet time.
  • New Subsurface Utility Engineering Ticket
    • Member Facilities will have 10 business days to respond to  Subsurface Utility Engineering Ticket.
  • Tier Two Members will start receiving tickets starting January 1, 2019 
    • Excavators are still required to contact Tier Two members directly
  • Road Grading
    • Annual road maintenance that does not exceed six inches in depth conducted by a governmental agency on an existing unpaved road, the marking shall be considered valid for up to 180 days.
    • All members within the county will be notified of a road grading ticket and have 10 business days to respond.
  • Secondary Excavator
    • Secondary excavators may be listed on locate requests for potholing purposes only.
  • Canceled Tickets
    • After listening to our facility owners and operators, the Board of Directors approved the request from management to no longer charge a ticket fee for canceled outgoing transmissions. This change will take effect on January 1, 2019. 

More information on the above topics will be released over the next two months on the Colorado 811 legislative page. If you have any questions regarding legislation, please submit them through our legislative question form. To view the Legislative FAQ’s, click here

Common Ground Alliance 2017 DIRT Report

The 2017 CGA Dirt report is now available. In 2017 the number of incidents reported to CGA increased to over 411,000 this is an increase of 5% from 2016. After reviewing the incidents reported, consolidating multiple reports of the same events and removing near-misses, the total damages reported for 2017 were 316,422. Click here to download the 2017 DIRT report

Colorado 811 Welcomes New Gas Distribution Board Member 

Colorado 811 welcomes new board member William (Bill) Stephens. Bill is the Sr Manager Compliance, Codes & Standards for Black Hills Energy. He will represent all gas distribution members on the CO811 board. Bill has over ten years experience in managing codes and standards for gas distribution. 

To contact Bill Stephens or any Colorado 811 Board of Directors visit our Board of Director page on our website

2018 Unsung Hero Award Winner 

Jeff Rumer, President of Underground Infrastructure Technologies and Senior Vice President of Harrison Western Construction, has more than 20 years of experience within the civil construction and tunnel/bore industry. 

Jeff has served as founding President of NUCA of Colorado, 2016 National Chairman of the board for NUCA, on the 811 Legislative Task Force and currently serves as the Trenchless Technologies committee chair for NUCA. 

Jeff is recognized throughout the Industry for his ongoing dedication and passion for damage prevention. Jeff was awarded the 2018 Unsung Hero Award at the Colorado 811 annual meeting for his impact in damage prevention and his drive to enhance safety for all stakeholders.

First Mock Line Strike in Colorado 
 Colorado 811 hosted a mock line strike in conjunction with their annual safety summit. The mock line strike damage simulated what happens when a gas line is struck and ruptured and how construction crews, emergency responders and utility companies must work together to keep the area safe and repair the damaged pipeline. 

Local Denver TV station, Fox 31 covered the event to help spread awareness of the importance of 811 and safe digging. Click here to watch the mock line strike news segment. 

New Liaison Vehicle Wrap

The Damage Prevention Liaison vehicles received a facelift with the redesigned vehicle wrap. The new wrap is streamlined and focuses on the core brand and call to action, 811 before you dig. The Damage Prevention Liaisons strategically place their vehicles in high traffic areas at industry and public events they work. If you are interested in having a liaisons speak at an upcoming meeting or event, please visit our damage prevention page and liaison map.

811 Run Event Video and Photos

The 811 Run photos and videos are now available. Click here to view the photos and here for the event recap video. 

2018 Colorado 811 Holiday Party

 Join Colorado 811 to celebrate the holidays for our holiday party on Friday, December 14, 2018 at our office in Golden.
 Please click here to RSVP.
Please RSVP no later than November 30th.