Does Installing a New Fence Require Excavation?

The construction of a fence may seem very easy after building your house, but that does not mean it doesn’t raise some challenges.

The most important criterion you need to consider when you decide to build a fence is the material it will be made from. There are many aspects that depend on the choice of the material: the way you install the fence, its resistance in time, the budget required for this construction, and the subsequent landscaping of your yard.

The installation of a fence requires at least digging holes for the supporting posts; in other cases, you must excavate for making a foundation (for example, for heavy masonry fences). The foundation of a fence can be from 40-50 up to 60-80 cm, but this also depends on the soil where the fence will be installed. Typically, you must dig up until you reach hard ground. The width of the trench depends on how thick is the fence.

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Building a fence with foundation requires approval, as it involves excavation and can affect underground utilities. Call 811 for Denver underground cable locator technicians to inspect the area in which you will be digging.

Although this type of construction is not that difficult to make, you might also want to think about the impact that excavation will have on your property’s landscape; there will be some wear from the work.