Does Building a Deck Require Excavation?

wooden deck

The deck represents the transition between the interior and the exterior of a house, a space that can be designed to be very aesthetic and relaxing, where we spend some quality time in every season.

Adding a deck to a home is a process that almost any skilled homeowner can accomplish, with a little help. The deck should be designed so that it matches the house and forms a stylistic whole that will complete the exterior aspect of your property.

Building a deck requires several operations, including some digging (not very deep) to make a foundation.

Here are, in short, the stages of the pre-construction:

  • Developing a plan, selecting materials, defining the deck`s functionality and making an estimate
  • Studying the design of the main building
  • Studying the condition of the main building`s façade and, if necessary, replacing old and rotten areas
  • Verifying the land in which the deck is to be built
  • Making the measurements and determining the type of foundation and its size
  • Choosing the materials
  • Contracting with Colorado call before you dig  is a great way to make sure that you do not dig into previously buried pipes or wires.
  • Excavating the ground and pouring cement into the excavated space, until it reaches the ground level (the cement must be leveled using a trowel)
  • Making final measurements to ensure that the surface is straight

Once the foundation is ready, you can start building the deck.