DIY Landscaping Design Ideas

DIY landscaping is a great, cost-efficient way to improve your home’s curb appeal, but if you have never done anything like that before, you night feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the project. However, not all landscaping procedures require expertise and know-how – here are a few landscaping ideas that will improve the way your yard or garden looks without requiring you to break your back or the bank:

  • Start the design process with a thorough clean-up – remove all the clutter that has accumulated in the corners and around the shed or anywhere else in the yard or in the garden to be able to see what the space you will work with looks like.
  • Put it all on paper first – you can use online landscape designs for inspiration and then draw your own design on a piece of paper to see the overall picture.
  • To keep buried electrical and plumbing cables in good working order, make sure before digging you research underground wire location by calling Colorado 811. They will be able to map out the areas to avoid when digging.
  • Use a landscaping app available online – there are many that are easy to use even for beginners and are also available for free.
  • Choose the focal point of the garden or of the yard and work on that first. A few shrubs or a statue placed in a strategic location changes the appearance of the entire space at once.
  • Research plants that are easy to handle, not very sensitive, but attractive – look for plants that are suitable for beginner landscape artists, but look as if they were planted by a pro.