Digging Safety Tips

Call before you dig in Fort Collins to prevent buried cable damage

Every time you plan a digging project, start with safety measures. Digging without the right permits is risky; you may damage underground utilities that serve your property or even an entire community and you can also get injured.

Call before you dig in Fort Collins to prevent damage to public underground utilities. A specialist locator will come and mark the lines on your property, so you can start digging safely. This is a free service, but it does not cover private utilities, so in this case, you have to hire a private locating company.

Other safe digging practices

  • Use appropriate digging equipment, according to the type of hole or excavation you need to do. If you must dig right next to a utility line or around it, carefully manipulate the tools, remove soil and never make the line more vulnerable by exposing unnecessary portions of it.
  • Do not attempt to move a utility line. This is the job of specialists, not yours. All you are allowed to do is to avoid utility lines while you dig.
  • If something wrong is happening after all (you hit a line accidentally and cause some type of damage), stop any operation you are doing and contact the pipeline operator and 911.


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