Denver Right-of-Way Asset Mapping Exchange

Colorado 811 would like to bring to your attention the Denver Right-of-Way Asset Mapping Exchange, a one-day event being held March 17th at the Arvada Convention Center.

Cities across the country continue to face challenges managing their infrastructure while utilizing it to become a “Smart City”.  At this event, experts in digital mapping, broadband planning and lifecycle asset management present tools, tips and case studies relevant for municipal professionals like you. The “City Virtualization” track includes presentations from Mayor Troxell of Ft Collins speaking on “The Making of a Broadband City”, and a CDOT panel including Rob Martindale, Bob Fifer and Joe Carter speaking on “What Lies Beneath”.  Experts from Trimble, CompassDrone, Prostar GeoCorp, Frontier Precision and GEO1 will provide examples and case studies of the use of mobile mapping, drone data acquisition, geospatial mapping, aerial cinema, and LiDAR technologies to assist you in developing relevant maps and databases of your public works projects.

Attendance at the Denver Right-of-Way Asset Mapping Exchange is free of charge for government and public sector personnel.  Colorado 811 members can use the code “811” to take $50 off the non-public sector registration fee.  We encourage you to attend, and hope to see you there.