Deciding on the Best Trees to Plant in Your Yard

Anyone who has a house and a garden should enjoy the privilege of having trees in their yard. Trees have both a functional role and a strong aesthetic purpose, making your garden look beautiful and providing shade.

The best trees people can plant in their yard

  • Magnolia is one of the loveliest trees that can grow safely in people’s yards, being appreciated both for its overall aspect and the beauty of its shiny green leaves and fragrant flowers.
  • Lilac – even though it is not a tree but a shrub (which reaches even 8 – 9 m high), the lilac is highly appreciated for the beauty and fragrance of its flowers.
  • Birch is another very common tree growing in people`s yards because it has an interesting aspect and is very easy to maintain. Even if it grows especially in the hill and mountain areas, it can also be found in the plains.
  • Acacia is another beautiful tree with a special beauty, but it needs a lot of space to grow both above and below the ground.
  • One of the most beautiful and popular decorative trees for the garden is the maple. It impresses both with the shape of its branches, as well as with its colorful leaves.

call before you dig Fort Collins utility technicians before planting a tree on your propertyDeciding on the trees to plant in your yard should depend on the local climate, geographic position, the size of your yard and your personal preferences.

Once you have decided which trees to plant, and where you want to plant them, call before you dig Fort Collins utility technicians to map out where buried cables are located. You will want to make sure that excavation does not break buried pipes, cables and wires.

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