COVID-19 Impact

UPDATED: May 4, 2020 — Due to the high volume of traffic, it may take several minutes for updates to appear. In order to make sure that you are seeing the latest updates please try clearing your cache & cookies in your internet browser before refreshing the webpage.
Colorado 811 operations will not be impacted and we will still be accepting calls through 811 and online requests via our website

For Member Facility Owners/Operators:

The Underground Damage Prevention Safety Commission is requiring all member facility owners/operators to respond to all excavation notices/tickets during the COVID-19 state of emergency. Please read their letter regarding COVID-19.

Colorado 811 understands that some organizations are closing their offices, still please keep in mind not only do members/facility owners need to respond to all tickets but they MUST in all cases respond to emergency and damage tickets (communication to the excavator and/or marks on the ground).

If a member/facility owner is impacted by COVID-19 and their organization is ONLY locating emergency and damage tickets, they must post a response for all other tickets using the code 015 EXTRAORDINARY CIRCUMSTANCE. We will no longer automatically post the COVID-19  071 EXTRAORDINARY CIRCUMSTANCES response for members that close their offices. 

For Excavators:

As an excavator receiving tickets, you may see COVID-19 before the name of the member on the ticket. This means the member is partially closed and will only respond to Emergency and Damage notifications. The Colorado One Call Law has not changed and members are required to respond to tickets. If you do not get markings or a response from a member facility owner/operators you must submit an excavator re-notification to Colorado 811.

As a reminder the Colorado One Call Law gives excavators the opportunity to proceed with excavation when the requested locates are not fulfilled after notifying 811. Keep in mind making sure facilities are located is vital in preventing damages and ensuring safety. We encourage you to document all of your communication with members outside of Colorado 811.





Lawrence James Mulholland

Thank You Please let me know or updated to mesa county.

How often will this list of closures be updated?

The list will be updated daily – each morning if there are new closures they will be added.

Question…… If Colorado Law Requires a locates to be performed… how are these Utilities allowed to “not” perform locates?
I am asking as I work for a Company that relies upon locates to perform our work.
If we cannot obtain complete locates we will not be able to work.

If you could provide a clear answer that I can take to My CEO and Vice President and Superintendent I would be grateful.

Than you
Kim Thorpe
Ward Electric Company

Hi Kim,

Here is the latest update we sent to our excavator stakeholders this morning If you have any additional questions, please email us at

Thank you

Just want to say that we are all in this together and your efforts are extremely appreciated. Thank you for your continuing support and thank you to the locators that keep in constant communication with me to complete the locates.

Thank you for the support!

Whitney Nichols

You can submit it online here or call 811.

Whitney Nichols

Hi there, this is the correct website. You can submit your request online here or call 811.

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