Colorado 811 Virtual Annual Meeting

Join Colorado 811 for the 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting on Tuesday, September 15, from 9:00 am to 10:30 am. CO811 Administrators will review the legislative impacts, enhancements to the organization, and how COVID-19 has changed the landscape of damage prevention.

Colorado 811 will announce the 2020/2021 BOD election results.

Click here to download the Annual Meeting agenda.

Colorado 811 Members, please review the following documents prior to the annual meeting (these items will be voted on during the Annual Meeting): Amended Articles of Incorporation and UNCC Bylaw Amendments

 Webinar Link to Join Meeting or to call into the meeting, call +1(720) 902-7700 and use meeting ID 1480383391



  1. Water & Sanitation…. a. Tony Cocozzella (Platte Canyon Water & SanDist.)
  2. Gas Distribution…. a. Bill Stephens (Black Hills Energy) | b. Ken Fogle (Atmos Energy)
  3. Gas Transmission…. a. Chuck Snare (Tallgrass Energy)
  4. Liquid Pipeline…. a. John Beacom (Taproot Rockies Midstream LLC)
  5. Excavator Director…. a. Toni Pascal (Pascal Construction Company) ONE YEAR TERM
Currently held by: Ray Swerdfeger
3 Year Term beginning 1/1/2021
Nominee: Ray Swerdfeger

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