Colorado 811 File Attachments Deployment & Functionality

WHAT: Colorado 811 is deploying File Attachments Functionality on Friday May 22, 2020.

WHEN: May 22, 2020

WHY: Colorado State law requires that Colorado 811 provide a method by which homeowners, professional excavators and members can exchange file attachments through the notification association (Colorado 811).

WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: This software upgrade will not immediately impact you; however, you will notice newly available options related to file attachments in the CO811 applications that you use every day. Starting on Friday, May 22, 2020, homeowners, professional excavators, and members can use CO811 software applications to exchange file attachments when requesting a notification (ticket) and when posting a positive response. There will be a grace period of seven-months for members to adjust to the new file attachment feature set. Effective: 01/01/2021, File Attachments/Positive Response will be available and mandated for all members completing this two-factor requirement under law. Read more on the law at

Only Contact Center Support personnel will be processing requests with file attachments for an undetermined period of time. Further instructions will be provided before deployment by Contact Center Supervisors.

SOFTWARE IMPACTED: The following software applications will be updated with file attachment features.

  • Ticket Entry Applications
    • iDig811
    • Web Ticket Entry
    • Ticket Entry 5 (CO811 Agent version)
  • Positive Response Applications
    • Positive Response Application (New Version)
    • Posting Positive Response (URL link at the bottom of the delivery output)
    • Positive Response REST API (Now Available)
    • WebTMS (HTML Version)
  • Viewing and Downloading File Attachments
    • Member Delivery Output Email
    • Email Confirmation
    • Positive Response Email Confirmations
    • WebTMS (HTML Version)

ACTION ITEMS: Visit the Colorado 811 File Attachment Video Guides web page, where you will find how-to videos covering topics such as uploading, viewing, and downloading file attachments. These how-to video resources are located at This web page is your fastest resource to learn about the new file attachment features offered by Colorado 811.

QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS: If you have questions or concerns after you have reviewed the File Attachment Video Guides located at, please contact us via our link directly below.

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