Calling 811 Before Gardening Season – Is It Truly Necessary?

before gardening and landscaping, call before you dig in Fort Collins

Gardening season can be a great opportunity for planting a new garden and reshaping the entire landscape around your home. However, since such efforts might require an entire digging project, it stands to reason that homeowners have to be as careful as possible about where and how they dig.

Let’s say, for example, you plan to install a brand new walkway in a place where you used to have a flower garden, and you’d prefer to move the garden closer to your home. While that effort is commendable, digging in the area where your garden used to be can damage nearby tree roots and even utility lines that might have been driven underground in that location.

So, before gardening season, even if the project you’re planning on completing is overall small, make sure you always call before you dig in Fort Collins.  Even non-invasive digging methods can sometimes cause a lot of damage, and it’s better to be safe and sorry.

The call before you dig Fort Collins utility experts you call will help you by arriving at your home before you start the project, using their special equipment to determine the location and depth of the utility lines, and map out all the areas where you shouldn’t dig.

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