When Should I Call a Utility Locator?

Utility location experts provide utility and site mapping services that are essential whenever a remodeling or construction project involves excavation. While the maps that record underground utilities in a specific area are available for the public, the safest way to locate buried utilities is by means of on-site inspections performed by professionals.

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The inspections performed by a utility locator company will involve the analysis of visible features that indicate the presence of utilities, such as trenches, valves, hydrants and manholes as well as the use of special devices that can identify buried pipes and lines that do not appear on maps.

The technologies used for locating underground utilities include ground penetrating radars, electronic utility locators and aerial photography – methods that can be relied on create a detailed and complete image of what lies beneath without digging. The underground utilities identified during the process will be visibly marked to inform the machine operators who maneuver the excavators and other power-tools on the job site about the areas to avoid.

Hiring a damage protection underground cable locator company before starting any kind of construction project is a small investment into project security and something that you must definitely do to make sure your excavation project is completed in a safe and timely manner.