Best Trees to Plant in Colorado During Summer

family digging to plant a tree

Colorado weather is harsh on plants – it can change from fair to severe in a matter of minutes, it is hot in summer and very cold in winter, so only the hardiest trees can survive these hardships and thrive. If you are currently thinking of adding a few new trees to your garden and you want to choose varieties that can endure even the harshest weather and are also attractive, here are a few trees that love the state’s climate:

  • Tatarian maple – this hardy little ornamental tree thrives well in any environment and it adds a spot of color and of beauty to your Colorado garden;
  • Russian hawthorn – this variety grows to the size of a large shrub and it delights you with its interesting, twisted branches, its elegant leaves that turn orange and red in fall and its tiny, bright red berries that resist long after the first snow;
  • Kentucky coffee tree – an attractive and hardy species that requires very little water and attention, yet thrives well in cold areas as well;
  • Lilac – the color of the flowers yielded by this variety range from white, blue and powder pink to pale and not so pale violet and the tree resists well in hot and cold periods as well.

Please remember, prior to digging holes for planting trees, you must call before you dig Denver utility professionals to make sure buried cables and wires remain undisturbed.