Best Plants to Grow in the Fall Season for Colorado

Many people associate planting with spring, but in Colorado’s climate and soil, you can also plant almost anything in the fall season too.

There are benefits of planting in the fall season. The soil is warm enough to allow roots to develop properly until the ground freezes and they will be protected until spring, when the soil warms up again.

planting bulbs

Autumn in Colorado typically provides many beautiful days, great for planting, not to mention that the overall atmosphere tends to be calmer than in the hectic spring. In autumn, you also have better chances to get discounts at garden centers. Plant diseases and pets are not so active anymore as in the spring. The only problem might be the lack of rain, in which case you must supply your newly planted vegetation with the necessary water.

If you need some planting inspiration, here are some suggestions of plants to grow in the fall season:

  • Cool season vegetables

Some vegetables actually thrive in cool weather: carrots, lettuce, cabbage, kale, broccoli, spinach and more. However, some of these must be planted in August if you want to harvest them before the first frost.

  • Different bulbs that will boom in the spring
  • Trees and shrubs have a good start if planted in autumn, because their roots have the time to become stronger, underground, during the winter

Make sure to contact your underground wire location service technicians before you plant. This will make sure that you do not disrupt power sources.