What Is the Best Grass Seed for Colorado?

Colorado has spectacular nature and spectacular colors everywhere, the amazing deep green of the grass being one of the hues that makes the area so amazing. Colorado climate is excellent for cultivating the healthiest, strongest, velvety green lawn around your home, but no grass species is suitable for all situations, so not every type of grass seed can thrive in the area – here are a few aspects that you should bear in mind when choosing the seeds:

  • Usage – will the lawn be used and stepped on a lot by children or pets or is it only a design component?
  • Maintenance – how much time can you spend taking care of your lawn?
  • Elevation – some types of grass grow well only at lower altitudes, while others stay green and strong even higher than 6500 feet.
  • Pests – some grass species are more resistant to pest attacks, while others are more sensitive, so the grass seed selection process should be informed by the local history of pest-issues as well.

One of the most widely used grass species cultivated around Colorado is blue grass – it is resistant to temperature variations and it thrives well on the plains and in hilly or mountain areas as well, but there are numerous other seeds that can work well in your area and give you the lawn that you want.

If you do find yourself interested in completing landscaping, planting, or sprinkler system updates, ensure you employ Colorado utility locate safety services to keep underground wiring and plumbing protected and in good working order.