Always Call 811 Before You Dig During a Home Exterior Project

You might be thinking of renovating your home, replacing your driveway or adding new elements to your garden and landscaping. Each of these cases can involve digging in your yard or close to your home, and can therefore run the risk of your digging equipment hitting and damaging some expensive utility lines. It is imperative you call before you dig in Fort Collins and other parts of the state as well.

It doesn’t really matter whether you use a shovel or a highly advanced Hydrovac digging service. The risks of digging without calling 811 are pretty much the same. The power of the digging equipment you use has to be great enough to dislodge heavy rocks and move hardened soil out of the way. So it stands to reason that you’d run the risk of damaging certain power lines and utility lines, especially if they’re older.

Colorado Springs utilities locationsCalling 811 will prevent that. The utility call before you dig Fort Collins experts who answer your call will promptly show up at your house and begin scanning for hidden utility lines. They won’t just consult old blueprints and estimate the location. They will use advance equipment to pinpoint it accurately, so you’ll know exactly where to dig and what areas of your property to avoid.

As a result, you’ll be completely safe from the unwanted expenses of having to replace costly pipes and cables that you didn’t even know ran underneath your home.

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