9-1.5-107. Notice of removal of underground facilities

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9-1.5-107. Notice of removal of underground facilities. At least ten days before beginning an excavation to remove an underground facility that is a gas transmission pipelinethat has been abandoned or is unused and is not located in a public road, street, alley, or right-of-way dedicated to public use, the excavator shall notify each owner of record and occupant of the real property where such underground facility is located. The notice shall state the commencement, extent, and duration of the excavation in addition to the information required by section 9-1.5-103 (3)(c) and shall be served in the same manner as personal service under the Colorado rules of civil procedure; except that, if such personal service cannot be made through the use of due diligence, notice may be served by mail to the owner’s or occupant’s last-known address. If a valid mailing address is not available through the use of due diligence, notice may be made by publication in a newspaper published in the county in which the property is located. For purposes of this section, an underground facility is not considered abandoned or unused if it is in operation for its intended purpose or is being actively maintained with reasonable anticipation of a future use.

Source: L. 2007: Entire section added, p. 162, § 1, effective August 3.