2020 DIRT Data Submission Deadline

Colorado 811 Members:

The Colorado 811 DIRT data reporting submission deadline for 2020 events is March 31, 2021.

Colorado law mandates facility owners and operators to submit and support meeting this year’s deadline to ensure a timely release of the Annual DIRT Report. No submissions will be accepted after the deadline this year. CO DIRT supports all stakeholders by collecting and analyzing underground damages and near miss events. With your submissions, the DIRT report works to depict an accurate picture of the status of damage prevention. This helps the industry direct education, measure efforts, develop best practices and guide legislation. To review the 2019 Damage Report with accompanying County Report Cards, (at the end of the report) please download the PDF of the 2019 Damage Report.

Please do not wait until the last minute to make your DIRT submission. Allow time to complete all data fields and to work out any upload issues that may arise.

All Colorado facility owners and operators must submit underground utility damages to Colorado 811/DIRT, either through a single event field form or automated uploads of spreadsheet, database or XML data. Please visit Colorado 811 DIRT to get started and find information, tutorials and a registration link. There you will also find the support link for questions or upload issue assistance. If you were fortunate in 2020 and did not experience any damage to your facility, we ask you to login and indicate that you have NO damages/incidents to report. You can accomplish this under the “Submission Status” at the bottom of the tool.

For registration or account access concerns please contact the CO811 IT Department at it-dept@co811.org.


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Patricia Meirhaeghe

The Penrose Sanitation District had no damages/incidents to report for 2020.

Great, thank you!

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