2019 Stakeholder Roundtable Results

Stakeholder Requested Capabilities as of 2019 and through 2030

The following is a summary of requests made by at the stakeholder meetings.

  • Clarification on the use of the 10-day ticket. Facility Owners feel it is being abused.
  • Be able to start driving directions to a location in a county other than the county where the excavation is to take place.
  • Damage Tickets take too long on the phone, too many questions being asked during a hectic time.
  • Emergency tickets being provided without an emergency and too long on hold to obtain an Emergency ticket.
  • Excavators will shop around for the Damage Prevention Specialist of choice when phoning in a ticket. They feel that some Damage Prevention Specialists are easier to work with and will do things that others won’t.
  • Excavators have complained that not all Damage Prevention Specialists are trained the same. Inconsistent responses to questions.
  • Excavators would like to see hold times be under a minute and at the worst 15 minutes.
  • Have an expiration date printed on the ticket, in addition to the start date.
  • Excavators would like individual account numbers to facilitate populating their name and address information as opposed to their phone number. In the case where there are several people using the same phone number it might prove advantageous.
  • Provide driving directions and the excavation area using only GPS coordinates.
  • Ability to create a ticket based on a white-lined photo or map sent with GPS coordinates.
  • Engineering firms want to upload their excavation plans to CO811 and have the system automatically create the required tickets.
  • Maintain through 2030 and beyond, phone-based Damage Prevention Specialists. Some areas lack data coverage and probably will in the future as well.
  • Push status updates to excavators on the clearing/locating of notifications.
  • All stakeholders interviewed have stated that they would like more information pushed out to them. This ranges from procedures to updates on tickets and notifications. The change of WTE qualifications was a surprise to all users interviewed.
  • The evolution of iDig811 and Web Ticket Entry merge into a single user platform.
  • The resources to help small municipalities and others map their facilities for more accurate locating. This could be in partnership with CDOT’s efforts.
  • Provide a “heat map” of tickets requested by area; facilitates locator planning.